In the News: Emperor’s College featured on CNN Radio

Emperor’s College Dean of Graduate Studies, Jacques MoraMarco, LA, (2nd from the right, front row) and Elvis Presley trained at the same martial arts school in the early 1970ies.

The dean of graduate studies at Emperor’s College, Jacques MoraMarco, LA, was interviewed by CNN Radio correspondent Jim Roope about the growth of Oriental medicine in the United States.

In his interview from September 14, 2012, entitled “The Elder Statesman of Acupuncture“, Roope talks with MoraMarco about the history of acupuncture.

Elvis Presley received acupuncture

He mentions that “in 1976, then Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill that legalized the practice of acupuncture. MoraMarco was among those who took the first licensing test 35 years ago.”

In his interview, MoraMarco remembers how in the early 70ies Elvis Presley would receive acupuncture treatments for an injured ankle. Elvis Presley happened to study at the same Martial Arts school as MoraMarco who would often be a stand-in during Elvis’ practice rounds.

Acupuncture to make history – again

“Acupuncture history is about to be made for a second time in California”, writes Roope in the CNN Radio online report. “Governor Jerry Brown is expected to sign two bills that would, for the first time in US history,  put acupuncture in the list of essential health benefits.”

MoraMarco is very optimistic about the passing of SB951 and AB1453 and ringing in a new era for acupuncture and Oriental medicine in the US.

You can listen to Jim Roope’s interview with Jacques MoraMarco here.