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NFL Great Tom Brady Credits His Resilience To Oriental Medicine

NFL Great Tom Brady Credits His Resilience To Oriental Medicine

Alex Guerrero, LAc, often referred  to as “Tom Brady’s body coach.” Is credited with helping Brady recover and get ready for the 2009 season after suffering a torn ACL/MCL and keeping his body tuned to compete at the highest level. Read the January 26, 2015 New York... read more

Happy New Year 2015 Gong Hoy Fat Choi

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Should You Trade In your Antiperspirant?

There is a lot of controversy about what really gets absorbed through the skin and how far that absorption actually goes. Our skin has many layers, so yes, it’s a long path into the bloodstream. But when talking about delicate areas like the underarms, that are in... read more

Acupuncture in the NFL

Many of the NFL’s toughest players are looking to acupuncture to stay strong and healthy. Read the whole article over on the Men’s Journal here. Related: Acupuncturist Treats 40 N.F.L. Players in 4 Cities. Read the New York Times article... read more


In Chinese Medicine, Winter is associated with the Kidney system, which is the broadest system of all: it includes our kidney organs as well as the endocrine system, the nervous system and the skeletal system.  That’s most of our body!  The Kidneys are in charge of... read more

Sleepless In America

The new film “Sleepless in America,” premiering on the National Geographic Channel on November 30, offers a glimpse into sleep research. The film explores the crucial need for sleep, how the brain flushes out toxins during sleep, and the potential for serious health... read more

Chinese Herb Farms…In Appalachia!

An area of the Appalachians corresponds, from a climate stand point,  to the medicine belt in China where a lot of the Chinese herbs grow naturally in the wild.  A consortium of growers is hoping to take advantage of that. Read and listen to the whole story on... read more