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Secrets to Running a Successful Acupuncture Practice

By Nina Grenningloh, Communications Specialist at Emperor’s College

Acupuncturist Heather Lounsbury, who graduated Summa cum Laude from Emperor’s College in 2001, has been successfully running her Oriental medicine practice in Santa Monica, California, for over a decade. She has worked with many award-winning celebrities, including Rainn Wilson, Coldplay, Tori Spelling, Carmen Electra, and Dave Navarro. And she was featured as Best of the Best in Elite Traveler‘s 2006 Black Book.

Nina Grenningloh portrait

Nina Grenningloh, Communications Specialist

In addition to treating patients in her private practice, Lounsbury puts a lot of effort into public relations activities. As a result, you can see her frequently as a guest speaker on television and radio shows, at local colleges, and even at Whole Foods. Her weekly radio show “Live Natural Live Well” covers a wide variety of health topics and general advice for green living.

I sat down with Heather Lounsbury to find out what advice she has for recent graduates and newly licensed Oriental medicine practitioners who want to start their own business and promote themselves to patients and their local community. Lounsbury shared insights into her success as well as some of the challenges she has been facing along the way.

We hope you found Heather Lounsbury’s insights valuable, and we would like to encourage you to share your own advice and tips in the comments below. What has worked for you when it comes to promoting your medical practice?

As Emperor’s College is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, we’re thrilled to continue sharing alumni success stories throughout the year as well as insights into our school’s history and our vision for the future of healthcare in America. The anniversary year has started very promising for Emperor’s College: our recent graduates achieved a 94 percent pass rate on the California Acupuncture Licensing Exam (CALE). Congratulations to our first-time test takers for this tremendous achievement!

About Heather Lounsbury, LAc
Heather Lounsbury, a graduate of Emperor’s College, has been in private practice in Santa Monica, California,for over a decade as an acupuncturist, herbalist, nutritionist, and Reiki master. At her clinic, she practices  an innovative approach to holistic healthcare treating a variety of ailments, including pain management, gynecology, mental health, addiction, and digestive disorders. She has developed protocols for those in the performing arts to maximize their bodies’ health and to minimize illness. Her patients range from newborns to the elderly, celebrities to college students. Find Heather Lounsbury at and @DocHeather on Twitter.


  1. I appreciated Heather’s honesty, confidence and modest presentation. It really helps me to see a successful practitioner in such a competitive market weathering the economic storms that have broken so many businesses. She is inspirational and I hope to visit her clinic next time I’m in LA. Thanks for the share Heather and the reminder to keep letting the folks know we are available to them.

    • Thanks for your kind words, Colleen! I’m glad my interview has helped you.