Ancient Remedies for Modern Lives

Summer Herbal-ades

By Sarah Nargiso, LAc

Ahh yes, summer is in full swing! The sun is shining, the flip flops are out and everyone is headed toward to beach! As the days get longer and the weather gets hotter it is important to fuel our bodies accordingly and match our diet to compliment the season. According to the theories of Chinese medicine it is best to increase intake of pungent foods and include plenty of fruits and veggies to stimulate the appetite. Of course, it is also crucial to obtain plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration!

Sarah Nargiso, LAc

Sarah Nargiso, LAc

As part of your diet, there are key Chinese herbs that you can incorporate into your everyday regime to stay strong and healthy. To keep it fun and flavorful, try these summertime herbal-ade recipes that include recommended yet familiar herbs to keep cool and hydrated this summer!

Add any of the following ingredients to a pitcher of water.

Summertime Stress B-Gone:

Lemon (ning meng): promotes saliva and perfect remedy for the summertime dry throat. It also will help relieve feelings of stress and tension.

Mint (Bo He): cooling alleviates fevers, headaches, sore throat, and red eyes. Also regulates feelings of stress.

Chrysanthemum Flower (Ju Hua): alleviates headaches, and will promote bright eyes to combat summer dryness and irritation.

Ginger Berry Bliss:

Strawberry (Cao Mei): cool and moistening for the body, it will promote body fluids and relieve negative effects of alcohol.

Mulberry (Sang Shen): nourishes vital body fluids and supports strong kidney health.

Ginger (Sheng Jiang): warms slightly to provide balance to the increase of cold and raw foods eaten during summertime, and supports a healthy digestion.

Cooling Melon Melange:

Cucumber (Huang Gua) & Watermelon (Xi Gua): both cool and hydrating, these herbs will support your body fluids and promote easy elimination. This delicious combo is best for those summertime scorchers!

Did you realize you knew so many Chinese herbs!? Be consistent, and you will feel the difference this summer by sipping these tasty herbal-ades.

Sarah Nargiso, LAc, is a member of Pacific Medical Group in West Hollywood where she specializes in women’s health, nutrition and graceful aging. In addition to her private practice, Sarah has participated as a subject matter expert on the national licensing board examination committee. Even while pursuing her master’s degree, Sarah recognized the duty of all members of the Oriental medicine community to positively impact in the field. In 2009 she co-founded a non-profit organization with fellow students and faculty called One World Health Project (OWHP). OWHP brings sustainable auricular acupuncture programs to underserved communities around the globe.