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Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine is located at
1807 Wilshire Boulevard

Suite 200
Santa Monica, CA 90403


Administration Office
P 310.453.8300
f 310.829.3838

Acupuncture Clinic
p 310.453.8383, option 101
f 310.829.3838

College Reception and Information
Marcia Hirsh
310.453.8300 x106

Admissions Director
Nicole Wetherington
310.453.8300 x107

Admissions Assistant, Outreach Events Coordinator
Lisa Kwan
310.453.8300 x127

Academic Dean, Master’s Program
Jacques MoraMarco, OMD, LAc
310.453.8300 x108

Dean of Clinical Education
Robert Newman, MSTCM, LAc
310.453.8300 x124

Academic Dean, Doctoral Program
John Fang, MSOM, DAOM, LAc
310.453.8300 x113

Associate Dean, Master’s Program
Gretchen Badami, MTOM, LAc
310.453.8300 x132

DAOM Program Coordinator
Chris Ruth
310.453.8300 x174

Financial Aid
Financial Aid Officer
Farida Lugembe
310.453.8300 x123

Continuing Education
Continuing Education Coordinator
Alisa Daniels
310.453.8300 x128

General Administration
President, Chief Executive Officer
Yun Kim, EdD
310.453.8300 x118

Chief Operating Officer
George Park
310.453.8300 x110

Director of Public Affairs
Chris Johnston
310.453.8300 x115

Marcia Hirsh
310.453.8300 x106

Samantha Lee, DAOM, LAc
310.453.8300 x109

Alumni Relations Coordinator
Tara Diaz

Medical Librarian
Sue Hansen, MA
310.453.8300 x125