Santa Monica Community Acupuncture Clinic 

Emperor’s College Acupuncture Clinic is one of California’s most trusted health and wellness centers providing an integrative approach to family medicine since 1983.

Our specialists are highly trained acupuncturists and herbalists who provide patient-centered health care by bridging modern science with Eastern medicine. We offer integrated and personalized therapies that address a wide range of common health needs, including routine care, long-term management of chronic conditions and preventive medicine.

Emperor’s College Acupuncture Clinic is the teaching clinic for Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine. Our clinical interns are in training under some of the most highly trained and experienced acupuncturists in the country and even the world. Each year the clinic serves well over 10,000 patients, providing over 16,000 treatments.

Our clinic features its own herbal dispensary that sells an extensive array of hand-selected Chinese herbal remedies which can be tailored to your personal treatment plan.

 For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 310-453-8383, option 101.

Master’s Intern Clinic
3th and 4th year clinical interns

Treatments in the Master’s Intern Clinic are administered by third and fourth year students in the clinical phase of a four-year medical program. Interns team with esteemed specialists, many of whom are internationally trained Western medical doctors as well as licensed acupuncturists, who expertly identify and treat the underlying cause of your condition, bringing you back to complete health.  We offer a variety of specialists who can address your entire family’s needs, 7 days per week.


Master’s Theater
Senior faculty member accompanied by student observers

In the Master’s Theater, patients are seen by senior practitioners who are skilled in treating a range of complex conditions that require specialized knowledge and in-depth clinical practice. This team setting provides you the opportunity to benefit from the extensive teaching and training Emperor’s College is known for.


Doctoral Fellow Clinic
Licensed acupuncturists pursuing advanced medical specialty training

In the Doctoral Fellow Clinic, you will receive care from an experienced clinician who is furthering his or her knowledge to the profession’s highest degree. Doctoral fellows are the most forward thinking acupuncturists in the country with a commitment to providing the highest level of patient care. A variety of specialists are available to choose from so that you can live life at its healthiest.


Ear Acupuncture Clinic
Quick treatments for a variety of conditions

Medical care should not occupy your entire day. At Emperor’s College Ear Acupuncture Clinic you can receive effective care for chronic pain, headaches, stress and anxiety reduction, PMS, insomnia, addiction cessation, and weight loss support in just 30 to 45 minutes. Every Wednesday from 12:45 – 4pm. Walk-in appointments only.


Stroke Rehabilitation and Dementia Care Clinic
Effective therapy for stroke and dementia patients

Acupuncture and herbal medicines now become available to stroke and dementia patients at Emperor’s College Acupuncture Clinic. Using acupuncture and herbal medicine, our specialists will help you complement your current medical treatment to improve your mobility, balance, muscular function, memory, cognition, vision, speech, tactile sensation, and overall wellbeing.