CABAll Thirty-one (31)  Emperor’s College grads that took the California Acupuncture License Exam for the first time in 2017 passed. This is the first time since at least 2000 that all the first-time test-taking graduates from a single institution sending more than a small handful of grads to the exam have passed in a single year.

A total of 525 people from around the U.S. took the exam for the first time in 2017, 404 of whom passed, for a 77% pass rate. The next bi-annual exam will be held in April 2018.

Emperor’s College also holds the distinction of having the highest three-year composite CALE pass rate at 88.6%, well above any of the major AOM schools in California or the country.

“We are extremely pleased by our graduates’ results at this year’s licensing exams. This unprecedented achievement is testament to the hard work of the students and the efforts at the college to continually improve and create the best learning experience possible for the students,” Dr. Jacques MoraMarco, Academic Dean at Emperor’s College, said.

The full list of pass rates by college can be found on the California Acupuncture Board website at


2017 pass rates of major Los Angeles area acupuncture schools

Emperor’s College 100%
Pacific College of Oriental Medicine-San Diego 86.1%
Yo San 83.3%
Southern California University of Heath Sciences 83.3
Alhambra 81.8
South Baylo 63.3
Dongguk 62.5