Academic Forms

Petition to Waive Prerequisite
This form must be completed by the student listing the course being petition and the list of all prerequisite courses that the specific student is missing.

➤ Change of Address
It is important to keep your records up to date while you are in school. Emperor’s sends notifications to students via email, telephone and post.

➤ Transfer Credit Request Form
If you have completed coursework outside of Emperor’s College which you feel may satisfy your masters degree requirements, please complete this form and submit it to the Admissions department. All transfer credits must meet Emperor’s College hour and content equivalencies. Coursework complete more than ten (10) years prior to the date of admission is not transferable unless the student works in a field relevant to the course. Fees apply for each transfer credit evaluation.

➤ Transcript Request
For copies of your academic records from Emperor’s College.

➤ MakeUp Exam Petition
Students must have prior approval from the instructor and Academic Dean to petition for a makeup exam. Not all instructors will permit a makeup exam. Fees apply.

➤ Grade Change Request
Under certain conditions a student may petition for a change to a grade received on an examination. All requests for change must be completed before the end of the quarter following the completion of the subject course.

➤ Emperor’s College OM Study Skills

Additional academic request forms (i.e., Leave of Absence, Withdrawal from Program, Graduation Checklist, etc) can be found in the administration office.