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Why Emperor’s College

The students at Emperor’s tend to have a lot of professional and educational opportunities to choose from, and yet they decided that Emperor’s College is the place they want to be. In their own words…


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Amy Iwasaki

Amy Iwasaki, class of 2021

I wanted to infuse my passions for nutrition, holistic healthcare, and movement medicine into a solid career. I knew that Emperor’s College was the perfect school for me after attending the Open House where I was completely impressed with the organization, integrity and professionalism of the program (not to mention the genuine kindness and care shown by the amazing staff and administration). The curriculum is very integrative and in depth – a great balance of Eastern and Western modalities. I also love the fact that Emperor’s College offers multiple concentrations (I’ll be taking Japanese Acupuncture and East/West bodywork) as well as such incredible externship opportunities that serve the community. I feel so privileged and blessed to be a part of such a diverse and passionate community of dedicated teachers, students and practitioners!

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Jay Gunther

Jay Gunther, class of 2019

My curiosity of Emperors was First peeked by a couple of friends of mine who had graduated from Emperors, they said to go check it out. The weather, location, wonderful staff, brilliant classmates, feel of the campus, satisfied patients, all played a role in my choice of school. I felt welcomed right away, and the process to get started was easy. #1 in the state with a top board pass rate, is worth my weekly commute from the Bay. My massage clients are all excited to see what new skills I bring to sessions every week, and can’t wait till I’m licensed and ready to offer acupuncture!

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Alessandra Young

Alessandra Young, class of 2018

When I was researching acupuncture schools, I learned that Emperor’s had/has the best pass rates for licensing exams and is also highly regarded by industry peers. I wanted the best education and it offered that. When I arrived at Emperor’s for a tour, I was greeted with warmth and interest by everyone on staff. I wanted a supportive community and it offered that. Now that I am graduating from Emperor’s, I am confident that I have been given the tools and guidance I need to succeed in this field. I wanted a new career but this education has made me a better person. It offered more than I imagined.

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Sara Kulaski

Sara Kulaski, class of 2019

I chose Emperor’s because I wanted to learn from the best, and to become the best practitioner I can be. With highly skilled instructors and a caring and inspiring group of students, I am grateful to be a part of this healing community. It feels like home.

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Christine Ledoux

Christina Ledoux, class of 2019

What caught my attention about Emperor’s College was their overall progressive outlook of the potential of acupuncture and Chinese medicine in the U.S. This gave me confidence in knowing I would be surrounded by a community of pioneers, not only through our faculty, but amongst my fellow peers in the evolution of the healing field.

The Best Acupuncture school in Los Angeles

Suvini Jayasekera

Suvini Jayasekera, class of 2019

As cheesy as it sounds, I knew that I wanted to attend Emperor’s College because of the happiness and love I felt from the employees and students. On top of the great education that is offered at Emperor’s I was looking for a campus where I felt like I belonged. I wanted a safe and accepting environment where I could spend the next few years discovering who I really am.

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Angela Lee

Angela Lee, class of 2020

Location, Location, Location. We learn in our program that the key to health is the balance of Yin and Yang. Located in a major metropolitan city our school balances academics, professional development, advancements in the medical profession, and teaches all of us to care for ourselves. No other school in the country provided me with renowned faculty, opportunities to work in medical facilities such as school clinic, Walt Disney Cancer Center, Being Alive, The Venice Family Health Clinic, to name a few and high academic standards. It is also nice to have the ocean breeze so close.

Satoru Ozawa, ATC

Satoru Ozawa, ATC

Satoru Ozawa, ATC, class of 2015

I came from Japan and became an athletic trainer.  After I fell in love with Traditional Oriental Medicine, I decided to combine it with my first love of sports medicine.  Out of all the schools I researched, Emperor’s College stood out as the best. This school has some of the most qualified professors and practitioners in the states who are truly passionate about teaching.  Emperor’s also gives you opportunities to study different styles of acupunctures such as Japanese, Korean, Classical, etc. Even though the education is very rigorous, Emperor’s College truly prepares you for the next steps of your acupuncture journey!

Nell Smircina

Nell Smircina

Nell Smircina, class of 2016

“Everything I do, I try to do to the fullest. I wanted the best education I could possibly get in this medicine. Transferring from the east coast, I was amazed at how I kept hearing of Emperor’s reputation. Now that I’m here, I’ve fallen in love with the community at this school and have no doubt that I am at the right place to cultivate the skills necessary to become an exceptional healer”

Desmoine Boyd

Desmoine Boyd

Desmoine Boyd, class of 2014

“I chose Emperor’s College because it was said to be one of the best TCM schools in the country with highly experienced and well accomplished clinical supervisors. To pursue and complete a Master’s degree in TCM takes commitment. Before contacting Emperor’s, I had in mind that if I were going to be a part of something for the next four years, then, I’d better be a part of the best!”

Kalyana Wolf

Ven. Kalyana Wolf

Ven. Kalyana Wolf, class of 2016

“Clinic Director Robert Newman said, “Plants are teachers, if you spend enough time with a plant and it is your desire and intention to learn from that plant it will teach you.” It was that respect for nature and insight into mindful presence that led me to Emperor’s. I want that quality in every aspect of the care I offer and in the life I lead.”

Massoud Saidi, Psy.D.

Massoud Saidi, Psy.D.

Massoud Saidi, Psy.D., class of 2014

“I wanted a school that could offer a well structured curriculum, experienced and highly qualified academia, and a responsible supportive administration with an atmosphere conducive to learning. After interviewing all the relevant schools in the L.A. County area, Emperor’s was the only one that met all my criteria. Now that I have experienced Emperor’s, I am extremely happy with the decision I made and proud of the school and its clinic training.”

Jenn Goodman

Jenn Goodman

Jenn Goodman, class of 2016

“I came to Emperor’s, and Los Angeles, to be at the forefront of this medicine—to discover what kind of practitioner I want to be, and to start building that practice. The caliber of the school’s faculty and the quality of the clinical training, together with this city’s huge and diverse population, create opportunities that just don’t exist anyplace else. Of course, the sun and the ocean aren’t bad either!”

Sondrina Bullit

Sondrina Bullit

Sondrina Bullit, class of 2017

I chose to attend Emperor’s College because I want to become one of the best practioners of Oriental Medicine in the country. Emperor’s has the tools to ensure that I accomplish this goal: amazing faculty, rigorous curriculum, diverse clinical training experiences, and a strong culture of support among its students. Along with my drive and commitment to helping others heal, I know that Emperor’s College will enable me to succeed far into the future of my career.

Josephine Wolf

Josephine Wolf

Josephine Wolf, class of 2017

“I had heard that the Emperor’s College clinic was a busy and successful one, which is important as an intern, and that the quarter system was a better studying experience as an older student than the trimester system that other schools were offering. The admissions staff made the observation process very easy, and I was extremely impressed with all the teachers that I observed, both Western and Chinese. In particular I was moved by a lesson by Dr. David Chan which provided insight into an illness I had experienced prior to deciding to go back to school.”

Micki Jackson

Micki Jackson

Micki Jackson, class of 2016

“I came to Emperor’s as a transfer student and did extensive research in the LA area before making my decision to continue and complete my education here. It was important to me to find a program that provided a strong foundation in Western Medicine along with TCM, teaching students to use both systems symbiotically and to give a leg-up as we are sent off into the field of modern medicine. I could not be more thrilled with my experience so far. The quality of the faculty is fantastic across the board, the administration was extremely helpful in processing my transfer and providing guidance, and the student body is dedicated and passionate about the medicine. It is a challenging program, but I have been re-inspired since coming to Emperor’s, and I look forward to the rest of my journey toward becoming a TCM practitioner.”

Janel Gehrke

Janel Gehrke

Janel Gehrke, class of 2016

“I chose Emperor’s for two reasons:
1. it had the most challenging and comprehensive curriculum out of any of the schools I was looking at with a strong emphasis in western sciences.

2. from the moment I found the website online, I had an undeniable connection and draw to the school.

Initially I was drawn to the school by an energetic attraction; however, the quality of education I have received has far exceeded my expectations. Everyday I am surrounded by supervisors, practitioners, teachers, and fellow students who are an inspiration and absolutely love what they do. As an alumni of Emperor’s I will have connections to some of the most renowned individuals in this field, and the opportunity to network here is invaluable.”

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Jasmine Walton

Jasmine Walton, class of 2018

My life journey has already taken me to a Bachelor of Chemistry, dental school and a  Masters of Biochemistry.  These experiences motivated to search for a deeper solution to improving existing health care services. I knew that something was missing from all that I had studied previously; however, I sensed the missing element at my first interview with Emperor’s College.  I had an instant connection with the school. I could tell that the energy of the environment would assist my journey to become a superior health practitioner. 

I was immediately welcomed by friendly smiles from the faculty, staff and students. It was here, that I discovered the missing link.  I was looking for an approach to health care that would consider and seek the root and systemic causes of health problems before offering a chemical prescription. At Emperor’s, I found a valuable link between the Eastern and Western approaches to wholistic health care that will be useful in addressing systemic health problems as I move on to practice Traditional Chinese Medicine.  

There were 3 main academic areas that stood out when making my decision to attend Emperor’s College.  These 3 areas helped me to conclude that Emperor’s College would be the best fit for me to achieve my goal of become a superior practitioner: 1) When sitting in on one of the pathology classes, I was impressed by the degree of detail that was being provided. 2) In an herb class, the subject seamed foreign to me; but I loved the way the professor would go over this valuable information and always followed it up with a story to help the information settle solidly in my mind. 3) I was very impressed with the large, diverse and well organized herbal pharmacy.