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We pride ourselves on attracting a diverse and enthusiastic group of acupuncturists to our doctoral program. We intentionally build a class where the wisdom of veteran practitioners is exchanged for the book smarts of the newly licensed; where acupuncturists from around the globe learn from each others’ previous training; and where passion trumps all.

Admission Requirements

  • Graduation from a master’s degree or master’s level program in Oriental medicine from an ACAOM-accredited or candidate institution, or the foreign equivalent.

Foreign equivalence of ACAOM-accreditation is assessed by the Admissions Committee upon receipt of academic transcripts, credential evaluation, and any other supporting documentation requested. In general, the training program must be of similar academic level, length of time, breadth and rigor as ACAOM-accredited master’s programs in Oriental medicine.

  • Current clinical license or credentials in state, province or country of residence, or ability to demonstrate that such is actively being sought.

An applicant who is admitted into the doctoral program while in the process of seeking licensure or credentialing will be required to obtain the legal ability to practice by the end of the first year of program commencement.

  • A current and updated CPR/AED and First-Aid certification

CPR/AED and First Aid certifications from the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross are required during enrollment and must be kept current throughout the program.


English Language Competency

All courses are taught in English. English language competency is required of all students seeking admission to the program. This must be demonstrated by one of the following means:

1)      The student must have completed four years at a US high school demonstrably delivered in English.

2)      The student must have completed high school or a two-year (60 semester credits or 90 quarter credits) baccalaureate – or graduate-level, English-based education in an institution: a) accredited by an agency recognized by the US Secretary of Education, or b) in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada (Except Quebec), New Zealand, Ireland, and other eligible countries determined by ACAHM. In all cases, English must have been both the language of instruction and the language of the curriculum used;

3)      Test of English as a Foreign Language Internet-Based Test (TOEFL iBT) total score 61. Emperor’s College TOEFL code is 8409.

4)      International English Language Testing System (IELTS) overall band score 6.

Contact Admissions for other acceptable options that will satisfy English Requirement Proficiency.

All students matriculating must demonstrate English language competency as a condition of admission.


Special Admission

In certain cases, Emperor’s College follows a special admissions policy consistent with ACAOM recommendations for applicants who demonstrate the intellectual and professional aptitude for doctoral-level studies, but do not meet specific criteria for standard admissions.

Special admissions policies may be applied in the following circumstances. The normal application process still applies.


Educational Deficiencies

Applicants whose prior training lacks particular and limited educational requirements needed for doctoral-level comprehension, yet who possesses an ACAOM- accredited or candidate degree or its foreign equivalent, may be granted acceptance into the program upon proof of completion of all identified coursework deficiencies.

An example of this might be, but is not limited to, an applicant with an ACAOM-accredited, candidate or foreign equivalent master’s degree in acupuncture that lacked a thorough study of Chinese herbal medicine.  Applicants to the program must document satisfactory completion of a minimum of 45 hours of introductory curriculum in the fundamentals of Chinese herbal medicine as a prerequisite.  Examples include completion of an herbal certificate program, professional development (PDA/CEU) coursework in herbs and formulas, or herbal and formula coursework from an accredited program.  The doctoral admissions committee will inform the applicant of the educational deficiencies identified and provide recommendations for remediation. The applicant will be required to submit official proof of completion before an admissions decision is granted.


Experienced Clinicians

Applicants whose prior training does not meet the criteria for standard admissions may be granted acceptance into the program provided that the applicant demonstrates a minimum of five-years of full-time clinical practice in acupuncture-only or Oriental medicine and can demonstrate a foundation of knowledge and skills required for doctoral-level studies through an entrance evaluation with the doctoral committee. If educational deficiencies are identified, corresponding master’s level courses and/or master’s level course challenge examinations will be required.

Examples of this might be, but are not limited to, an applicant who completed master’s-level training in acupuncture or Oriental medicine through a program that lacked ACAOM accreditation, candidacy or its foreign equivalent, or an applicant who completed master’s-level training through a California Acupuncture Board approved tutorial program. In such cases, the applicant must demonstrate a minimum of five-years of full-time clinical practice in acupuncture or Oriental medicine, as well as a foundation of knowledge and skills required for doctoral-level studies. If educational deficiencies are identified, the applicant will be required to rectify the specific deficiencies, as recommended by the doctoral committee, before an admissions decision is granted.


International Applicants

International applicants follow the same admissions and application processes as domestic applicants. Click here for more information.


Non-Matriculated Fellow

Emperor’s College does not permit non-matriculated students to participate in doctoral program classes.


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