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DAOM Transfer Students

Do you wish you started your doctoral education at Emperor’s College in the first place? It might not be too late to change course.

Because all DAOM programs are specialized and unique, assessing transfer credit is a finely balanced process. In general, we award transfer credit for coursework which meets our areas of specialization in internal and physical medicine only. But let’s talk it through and see how that applies to you.

Contact a doctoral admissions counselor at 310-469-1615


Transfer Credits

Applicants who meet this condition and wish to transfer credits into the doctorate program must contact an admissions counselor. Transfer credits are evaluated by the Doctoral Program Committee and relevant faculty to ensure the course or courses under question correspond to the Emperor’s College doctorate curriculum. Applicants must provide course materials sufficient for evaluation, including an official transcript, a course syllabus for each course, and course descriptions. Fellows may also be asked to submit copies of course products that were required for each course in order to determine equivalency.

Transfer credit awarded by the DAOM program director can be no more than one-third of the total credits required for graduation. Transfer credit is only awarded for doctoral-level course work that supports the program’s objectives and meets the standards for completion of the program. These credits must come from an ACAOM-accredited or candidate program or its foreign equivalent.

In order to initiate a transfer credit request, please contact an admissions counselor at 310-469-1615


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