Emperor’s College alumnus, Dr. Jeremiah Krieger, was featured on Los Angeles Channel 11 news for his work in treating veterans with PTSD at the Greater Los Angeles Veterans Administration. In January 2023, Emperor’s College established the PTSD acupuncture clinic in partnership with the VA, and our doctoral students are currently treating veterans under Dr. Krieger’s and Dr. Jacques MoraMarco’s supervision. We are grateful to Dr. Krieger’s leadership in bringing acupuncture services to the veteran community.

Emperor’s College is honored to provide healing and wellness to our veterans who are deserving of the best possible care. We recognize all veterans, including members of our community, who have sacrificed and risked so much for our nation.

Effective January 2024, Emperor’s College Acupuncture Clinic will be located at 200 Corporate Pointe, Culver City, and we offer free and discounted acupuncture treatments to veterans. Please call the clinic at 310 453 8383 for more information.

Could acupuncture be the answer to treating PTSD among our vets? FOX 11’s Laura Diaz speaks with VA doctors.