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AC310 Meridians I
AC380 Tui Na
AC500 Clinical Point Selection
AC311 Meridians IIAC401 Acupuncture Tech IAC510 Microsystems
AC335 Acupuncture EnergeticsAC402 Acupuncture Tech IIAC550 Secondary Vessels
AC350 Acupuncture AnatomyAC403 Adv. Acupuncture Tech AC560 Acupuncture Orthopedics
AC360 Acupuncture Therapeutics

Herbal Medicine
HB300 Intro. to Herbal MedicineHB361 Herbal Dispensary Lab BHB460 Patent Medicines
HB315 Herb Pharmacopeia IHB410 Herb Formulae IHB500 Pharmacognosy
HB320 Herb Pharmacopeia IIHB420 Herb Formulae IIHB520 Chinese Nutrition
HB330 Herb Pharmacopeia III HB430 Herb Formulae IIIHB570 Shang Han Lun / Wen Bing
HB340 Herb Pharmacopeia IVHB440 Adv. Formulae
HB360 Herbal Dispensary Lab AHB445 Formula Writing

Oriental Medicine
OM300 Philosophy of OMOM350 Tai Chi I - Yang StyleOM440 Chinese Internal Medicine IV
OM315 Fundamentals of OMOM351 Medical Qi Gong OM441 TCM Pediatrics
OM317 Chinese Medical Language OM352 Tai Chi I - Chen StyleOM442 TCM Gynecology
OM321 Zang Fu I OM353 Tai Chi I - Sun Style
OM443 TCM Dermatology
OM325 Zang Fu II OM410 Chinese Internal Medicine I OM520 OM & Chemical Dependency
OM330 Oriental Diagnosis OM420 Chinese Internal Medicine II OM550 Principles of Treatment
OM340 Intro. to OM Research
OM430 Chinese Internal Medicine III

Western Medicine
WS200 Chemistry WS260 Basic Nutrition WS430 Public Health
WS205 Anatomy and Physiology I WS271 Pathophysiology I WS471 Western Clinical Medicine I
WS206 Anatomy and Physiology IIWS272 Pathophysiology II WS472 Western Clinical Medicine II
WS207 Anatomy and Physiology IIIWS273 Pathophysiology III WS473 Western Clinical Medicine III
WS208 Anatomy and Physiology IV WS274 Pathophysiology IV WS495 Western Pharmacology
WS210 BiochemistryWS290 East/West Medical History WS499 Clinical Diagnosis by Lab Data
WS220 Physics WS301 Western Physical Assessment WS501 Practice Management I
WS230 Biology WS319 Western Medical Terminology WS502 Practice Management II
WS240 General Psychology WS335 Clinical Nutrition WS590 Intro. to Medical Imaging Procedures
WS255 Psychology of Patient CareWS400 Medical Ethics & TCM Jurisprudence

Case Management and Review
CMR Case Management/Review (All Instructors)

Pre-ObservationPre-InternshipIntern Herb Formula Assign. Instructions
Pre-OBS (Signature Forms)Clinical Intern Level 1
Clinical Intern Level 2
Clinical Intern Level 3
Observer Herb Assignment InstructionsClinical Intern Level 4
Diagnostic Worksheet InstructionsCommunity Presentation Guidelines
Clinic ManualMTOM Community Presentation Application Form
Emergency Action PlanMTOM Community Presentation Completion Form
Exposure Control Plan

EL143 Art of MeditationEL501 Esoteric AcupunctureEL710 Advanced Diagnosis I
EL179 Meridians PalpationEL521 Adv. Clinical NutritionEL735 Yang Style Tai Chi Sword*
EL181 Japanese AcupunctureEL526 East/West NutritionEL770 Pain Mgmt w/ Adv. Auricular
EL202 Shiatsu IEL528 Traditional Herbal PreparationsEL811 Adv. Anatomy & Physiology*
EL255 Jade Woman Qi GongEL535 Plant Medicines of the West
EL812 Anatomical Palpation
EL258 Flying Phoenix Qi GongEL536 East/West Spices and PlantsEL813 Adv. Anatomical Palpation
EL309 Korean Six EnergiesEL537 Jin Gui Yao Lue
EL815 Ayurvedic Nutrition
EL312 Korean AcupunctureEL550 Advanced PharmacopeiaEL861 OM Studies*
EL313 Korean Hand AcupunctureEL602 Chinese Medical ClassicsEL864 Patient Interview Skills*
EL317 Advanced MoxaEL641 Korean Constitutional MedicineEL866 Mind Body Acupuncture
EL319 Korean Five ElementsEL651 Five Elements*
EL671 Eight Extra Ordinary Vessels

*Denotes classes that will not be taught in the current year