DAOM Course Syllabi

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Chinese Medical Classics

DC110 Chinese Medical Classics I

DC120 Chinese Medical Classics II


Professional Development

DC210 Professional Development I

DC220 Professional Development II

DC230 Professional Development III

DC240 Professional Development IV

DC250 Professional Development V

DC260 Professional Development VI


System Based Acupuncture

DC310 Master Tung’s Acupuncture

DC321 Scalp Acupuncture

DC351 Constitutional Medicine

DC361 SaAm Acupuncture

DC370 I-Ching and Eight Trigrams

DC380 Biological Bases of Acupuncture

DC381 Comprehensive Medical Assessment

DC390 Herb-Drug Interactions



DC510 Capstone Project I

DC520 Capstone Project II

DC530 Capstone Project III

DC540 Capstone Project IV

DC900 Capstone Project Proposal

DC950 Capstone Project



DS110 Orthopedics

DS120 Sports Medicine

DS130 Rehabilitation

DS140 Cardiology

DS151 Immunology

DS161 Acute Care

DS170 Reproductive Medicine

DS180 Oncology


Clinical Training

Medical Presentation

Doctoral Clinical Rounds

Didactic Preceptorship

Clinical Preceptorship

Service Learning