Dear Faculty and Students,

On March 19, the County of Los Angeles ordered all residents to stay home starting March 19 through April 19, 2020 to limit the spread of COVID-19. Educational institutions, like Emperor’s College, are subject to these orders but are considered essential businesses and colleges may stay open to facilitate distance education.  In light of this order, please see below the changes starting Spring Quarter.  Please read carefully.

Remote instruction via Zoom starting Spring Quarter, April 6: Starting April 6, all classes will be delivered through remote education via Zoom.  All the classes will meet at the scheduled date and time.  We will provide more details soon. The College piloted online learning via Zoom for the DAOM oncology module this week.  There was 100% student attendance from all over the United States, and it was successful.

Cancelled Classes-Spring Quarter: The following classes will be cancelled.  All students will be dropped next week, and they will be refunded.  No drop fee will be assessed.  There will be double offerings of these classes in the Summer Quarter.

  • WS310 – Western Physical Assessment
  • AC401 – Acupuncture Techniques I
  • OM 350 – Tai Chi Yang Style
  • AC 560 – Acupuncture Orthopedics
  • OM351 – Medical Qi Gong
  • WS301 – Western Physical Assessment
  • AC 560 – Acupuncture Orthopedics
  • Ac 402 – Acupuncture Techniques II
  • AC 403 – Advanced Acupuncture Techniques
  • AC 360 – Tui Na

Clinic Shifts: The Clinic will be closed through April 19.  This date may be extended because of county orders.  The College is developing an online course that will meet your clinic requirements.  We will send you more information.

Remote Student Services: Associate Dean Bruce Gustafson will be available for academic counseling via ZOOM.  Please email him to set up an appointment.  Dean of Clinical Education Robert Newman and Clinic Manager Jeni Guerrero will also be available by email or Zoom.  There will be a limited number of staff physically in the office March 20  to April 19.  Most staff will be working remotely.  Please email the staff, and they will respond. 

Training for faculty on Zoom and Populi: The College will use Zoom for remote instruction and Populi for classroom management.  Dr. Jin Kim will arrange one on one training for faculty on Zoom and Populi.  He will send you a separate email. 


Yun Kim

Jacques MoraMarco
Academic Dean

Robert Newman
Dean of Clinical Education