east-west-nutrition-concentWe are pleased and excited to announce that beginning Fall quarter 2015 Emperor’s College will offer a concentration in East-West Nutrition. Like the Classical, Korean and Japanese acupuncture concentrations, the East-West Nutrition concentration at the school of traditional Oriental medicine will allow you to have a choice in specialization that covers both the theoretical and clinical applications of nutrition as it pertains to the Traditional Oriental Medicine scope of practice.

The first course offered will be Principles of East-West Nutrition. This class will introduce students to the basic philosophies of nutrition around the globe. The first two-thirds of the course will introduce students to a variety of dietary traditions including Tibetan, Ayurvedic, and Chinese medicine and the common foods/herbs and their uses in each system. The final third of the course will focus on modern holistic nutrition approaches throughout the West.

More information will be made available about course offerings and clinical supervisors in the coming weeks.