Emperor’s College is honored to be recognized as a Medical Champion sponsor of the Games and has been chosen to serve as a health and wellness care provider. We will be organizing a group of DAOM students, alumni, faculty and interns to treat the estimated 10,000 athletes and coaches participating in the Summer Games at the end of July. Athletes from all over the world will be participating, it will be the largest sporting and humanitarian event in the world in 2015. http://specialolympics.emperors.edu/; http://la2015.org/

It is believed that this is the first time that Oriental medicine/Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) medical services will be available at a major international sporting event hosted outside of East Asia.

Using acupressure, Chinese medical massage and other noninvasive measures, The Emperor’s College medical team will focus on treating minor aches and pains, travel fatigue, jet lag, anxiety, insomnia, over stimulation, digestive issues, and too with smoking cessation (a surprisingly important service since a large number of coaches and athletes coming from outside the United States smoke). If more comprehensive treatment is required, athletes and coaches will be referred to Kaiser Permanente medical services at the Games or, if needed, to local hospitals.

cdn.la2015The goal of the Emperor’s College medical team is to help quickly resolve these wellness complaints so that the athletes and coaches can perform at their best during the Games and maximize their experience while in Los Angeles.

Emperor’s College will also be coordinating tai chi and yoga classes held at both Olympic villages. World class teachers will be on hand to teach to athletes and coaches.

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