The newest members of Team Emperor’s!


New students joining the Emperor’s College DAOM program this fall.

19 of the 25 new Master's students joining Emperor's College this fall.

19 of the 25 new Master’s students joining Emperor’s College this fall.

Emperor’s College is pleased and excited to welcome 39 new students onto Team Emperor’s this fall. A formidable group of exemplary students and comprised of MD’s, Naturopaths, nurses, nutritionists, a bad-ass helicopter paramedic, highly successful licensed practitioners and a couple of black belts, this is a group to be reckoned with!

Not only do the new students come from all walks of professional life, they come from all over the country, and in the case of the new DAOM class, several commute in from outside of California to attend; DAOM classes meet just once a month for a long weekend.

“Emperor’s College was recently ranked the #2 AOM college in the country by the 59 accredited U.S. AOM schools and the excellence of these incredible incoming students will most certainly help push us to #1 in the coming years,” says Academic Dean, Dr. Jacques MoraMarco.

The college trumpets that “the future of acupuncture and Oriental medicine is here,” this group of talented healers certainly proves that bold proclamation true.