Dr. Tiande Yang (center right) with students

In Memoriam: Tiande Yang, 1950-2019


Dr. Tiande Yang, a distinguished physician and one of the foremost teachers of Chinese medicine who taught at Emperor’s College, passed on February 13, 2019, from cancer.

Dr. Yang was Born in Jiangsu, China, in 1950.  His father, Jiasan Yang, was a renowned acupuncture physician and the head of the department of acupuncture at Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  He began his apprenticeship with his father at the age of sixteen and continued his studies with his father at Beijing University.  After graduation, Dr. Yang served as the chief physician in the department of acupuncture and moxibustion at Dongzhimen Hospital in Beijing.

He served on the editorial team of a number of text books for advanced acupuncture students, including Clinical Guide of Acupuncture, Encyclopedia of Chinese Medical Therapy, The Science of Acupuncture, the Essence of Contemporary Chinese Clinical Acupuncture, and Pocket Sized Illustration of Acupuncture and Moxibustion Position.

In 1990, he was officially entitled and registered as an academic inheritor of the most distinguished acupuncturists and TCM specialists, which is the highest educational rank for TCM in China.

From 1994-2017, Dr. Yang taught at Emperor’s College, imparting his wisdom to his students and patients.   He was a role model as a physician and a teacher and will be remembered for his brilliance and humility.

There will be a remembrance of his life at Emperor’s College on Sunday, March 31, at 10AM.