Thank you for your interest in Emperor’s College. As you explore your many options for pursuing a career in the field of Oriental medicine, let me share with you some of the advantages that distinguish Emperor’s College and the education we offer.

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Yun Kim, President, Emperor’s College

All of us at Emperor’s College are committed to your success in becoming an outstanding practitioner of acupuncture and Oriental medicine. As President, it is my personal pledge to provide you with the environment you need to demonstrate brilliance within the field of Oriental medicine, as well as in all aspects of your life, so that you can serve as an effective ambassador for this medicine and make a difference in the lives of others.

Emperor’s College is one of the oldest and largest Oriental medicine schools in the country, one of the oldest institutions, Eastern or Western,  emphasizing integrative medicine, and has a long tradition of educating distinguished healers, teachers, and leaders in the field. We have over a thousand graduates who are working to advance the profession and to bridge the best of western and eastern medicines to transform public health in the United States.

We are internationally  known for our pioneering vision of health care, as we collaborate with western medicine institutions on training, research, and patient care. We pride ourselves on a diverse, outstanding faculty, many of whom are both eastern and western trained doctors with a profound understanding of health and wellness. We also see it as a critical part of our mission to educate the public on the benefits and promises of Oriental medicine so that we can integrate this truly preventative medicine into the modern healthcare system.

The study of Oriental medicine is a transformational journey for many, and all of us at Emperor’s College are dedicated to fostering an environment that encourages and supports the personal cultivation involved in becoming an exceptional healer. In addition to offering a strong academic program, we are committed to building a healthy, compassionate community of learning, so that the spiritual and intellectual intent of Emperor’s College may be realized.

The profession of acupuncture and Oriental medicine has changed dramatically since the founding of the college in 1983 by Dr. Bong Dal Kim, my father. Dr. Kim is a pioneer, who worked to legalize the profession in California in the 1970s and helped create the first professional standards in OM. I am committed to building on this proud history and striving to ensure that the field continues to flourish and play a pivotal role in improving the health of our nation.

I welcome the opportunity to show you all that we have to offer. Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions or stop by my office; my door is always open to you.

In Health,
Yun Kim, EdD