Emperor’s Welcomes Spring 2015 Class

Welcome New Students! Emperor’s is privileged to welcome 20 new master’s degree students to campus for spring quarter. An eclectic class composed of students from 4 nations, medical professionals, and military veterans, this group of future leaders in the field has already shown itself to not only be academically strong, but engaged and enthusiastic (it took almost no cajoling to get them on the ground and pose with the World Special Olympics “Circle of Inclusion”). We are so proud to welcome them aboard and to the Emperor’s family.                

Emperor’s College and the Los Angeles Women Veterans Summit

Emperor’s College is honored to have been chosen to be a health and wellness care provider at the 4th Annual Women Veterans Summit to be held on March 21st in Los Angeles. Emperor’s College alum and current students will operate a mobile clinic at the summit, providing treatment and educating the vets about the great benefits of acupuncture and Oriental medicine. Emperor’s is the only AOM college invited to participate as a service provider. To learn more about the event, visit http://bit.ly/17Yo1Q1   If you are a veteran and are interested in Emperor’s College or the college’s community acupuncture clinic, please contact Veteran’s Liaison Nicole Wetherington at 310.453.8300 ext. 107 or visit http://emperors.edu/masters-program/admissions/military-veterans/ Stay up to date with this and other Out of The Clinic and Into the World programs on the college’s Facebook Page here.

Introductory Acupuncture Classes in Los Angeles Announced

Introductory acupuncture and Oriental medicine classes in L.A. have been announced for Spring 2015. Are you interested in a career as a natural holistic medicine provider? Consider taking a few classes to see if it is right for you. Visit emperors.edu/opening-series-classes/ to learn more.

NEW! East-West Nutrition Concentration

We are pleased and excited to announce that beginning Fall quarter 2015 Emperor’s College will offer a concentration in East-West Nutrition. Like the Classical, Korean and Japanese acupuncture concentrations, the East-West Nutrition concentration at the school of traditional Oriental medicine will allow you to have a choice in specialization that covers both the theoretical and clinical applications of nutrition as it pertains to the Traditional Oriental Medicine scope of practice. The first course offered will be Principles of East-West Nutrition. This class will introduce students to the basic philosophies of nutrition around the globe. The first two-thirds of the course will introduce students to a variety of dietary traditions including Tibetan, Ayurvedic, and Chinese medicine and the common foods/herbs and their uses in each system. The final third of the course will focus on modern holistic nutrition approaches throughout the West. More information will be made available about course offerings and clinical supervisors in the coming weeks.

Los Angeles Veterans and Families Stand Down A Great Success!

Emperor’s College interns and alumni treated hundreds of homeless and at-risk military vets at the Los Angeles Veteran & Families Stand Down held over the Christmas holiday at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Emperor’s College was the only school of acupuncture and Oriental medicine invited to create and operate clinics at the event.

Emperor’s College and the Special Olympics Summer World Games 2015

Emperor’s College is honored to have been selected to organize and lead the acupuncture and Oriental medicine efforts at the Special Olympics Summer World Games 2015. Emperor’s doctoral students, alumni and others will provide holistic wellness services to the 7,000 athletes and 3,000 coaches representing 177 countries participating in the Games. http://la2015.org/ It is believed that this is the first time that Oriental medicine/Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) medical services will be available at a major international sporting event hosted outside of East Asia. Using acupressure, Chinese medical massage and other noninvasive measures, The Emperor’s College medical team will focus on treating minor aches and pains, travel fatigue, jet lag, anxiety, insomnia, over stimulation, digestive issues, and too with smoking cessation (a surprisingly important service since a large number of coaches and athletes coming from outside the United States smoke). If more comprehensive treatment is required, athletes and coaches will be referred to Kaiser Permanente medical services at the Games or, if needed, to local hospitals. The goal of the Emperor’s College medical team is to help quickly resolve these wellness complaints so that the athletes and coaches can perform at their best during the Games and maximize their experience while in Los Angeles. Emperor’s College will also be coordinating tai chi and yoga classes held at both Olympic villages. World class teachers will be on hand to teach tai chi to athletes and coaches and yoga classes will be taught by graduates of Loyola Marymount University’s acclaimed Yoga and the Healing Sciences professional certificate program. Stay up to date with this and other Out of The Clinic and Into the World programs on the college’s Facebook Page here.