Opportunities to learn, to fulfill your dreams and to realize your potential like no other acupuncture school in the world


Opportunities: Acupuncture schools in the United States tend to offer very few opportunities beyond the core curriculum. Not true of Emperor’s College! And these opportunities don’t end when your degree is conferred, we provide both students and alum with unique, and even groundbreaking, opportunities that will make a big difference to you as a student now and as a practitioner long into the future.

Amazing teachers:  Emperor’s is widely recognized as having the finest faculty of any of the acupuncture schools in the U.S. and among the top 5 in the world.

★ Supportive Student Community: You never go it alone at Emperor’s College! Emperor’s has an unparalleled support system, supportive student community and nurturing learning environment. Check out why your future peers chose Emperor’s College over any other acupuncture school.

You’ll be prepared: We have a very high student pass rate on national board exams, ranking among the top acupuncture colleges in the country. The California Acupuncture Licensing Exam (CALE) is required if you want to practice in CA and Emperor’s College has the highest pass rate over the last three years of any acupuncture schools in the U.S.

Financial aid and scholarships are available.

Firm Foundation: We fully embrace, nurture and cultivate the spirituality of the medicine without it dominating or overwhelming the program.

Concentrations: Like college minors, but on steroids, the Concentrations give students a way to organize a combination of classroom and clinical experiences around an area of interest.

Community Service: No other acupuncture school offers more opportunities to give back than Emperor’s College, opportunities that provide students with important and unique learning experiences.

Empowering Administration: The doors of everyone in the administration are always open to students and we work hard to empower each and everyone of them to become the very best student, then practitioner that they can be.

Advanced Degrees too: We are one of only nine acupuncture schools in the U.S. to also offer a fully accredited DAOM degree, the highest degree you can get in the field.

Tradition: Emperor’s College is the oldest acupuncture school in Southern California and one of the oldest acupuncture colleges in North America.

Alumni: Emperor’s College is working to create the most robust and involved alumni association of any acupuncture school in the country. When you graduate, the Office of Alumni Relations is available to help you with your next steps and to keep you connected to the community. 

Location:  The college is situated in beautiful Santa Monica, an affluent and diverse seaside community with year-round outdoor living. Biking and walking are easy here and the public transportation system is great. Santa Monica is most definitely not Los Angeles, but the city is not to far away.

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Emperor’s College master’s program is the most comprehensive acupuncture and Oriental Medicine program in the nation, consisting of 2,240 classroom hours and 970 hours of clinic training. As a result, we have one of the highest pass rates on the national and California board exams. Year-in and year-out, we rate among the top acupuncture schools and our students are widely recognized to be the most prepared.

Like no other acupuncture school

There is no other acupuncture college in the country that makes available more opportunities for their students to learn and master their skills than Emperor’s College. Not only will you be working with an internationally trained faculty that is generally recognized to be the finest in the U.S. and among the top 5 in the world, you will have ample opportunity to get hands-on training outside the classroom and clinic through amazing externships, supervised volunteer actions, and even traveling abroad with faculty members bringing acupuncture and Oriental Medicine to under-served communities.

At Emperor’s, you will get an unparalleled education in Oriental Medicine as well as robust western medical instruction, but unlike most acupuncture schools, Emperor’s College students are offered a broad range of elective classes to select from. Throughout the curriculum, students at Emperor’s College are encouraged to take electives in nutrition, advanced herbal medicine, nutrition, Korean acupuncture, five element theory, classical Chinese medicine, acupressure, shiatsu, meditation, advanced tai chi, and advanced qi gong.

When you sit for your board exams and then beyond when you begin working in an established clinical practice or even creating your own private practice, you will be ready and prepared!


Please feel free to give us a call at (310) 469-1615 ext.119, and ask for an admissions counselor.