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DAOM Didactic Curriculum

Our dual-specialization in Internal & Physical Medicine hinges on 600 hours of classroom instruction and 650 hours of clinical rotations. We provide doctoral fellows with the advanced knowledge required to meet the demands of today’s multi-need patient.

The didactic modules are designed to heighten your diagnostic and treatment skills and expand your understanding of the theoretical and philosophical foundations of Oriental medicine. But really it’s about giving you new pearls of wisdom that are immediately applicable in your clinical practice.

Focusing on a variety of sub-specialties, the didactic curriculum is divided into two parts: Core Curriculum and Advanced Curriculum.


Core CurriculumHours
Chinese Classics24
Professional Development 48
Capstone Project48
System Based Acupuncture96
Advanced CurriculumHours
Cardiology- Internal Medicine48
Reproductive Medicine - Internal Medicine48
Oncology- Internal Medicine48
Immunology I - Internal Medicine48
Immunology II - Internal Medicine48
Orthopedics - Physical Medicine48
Sports Medicine - Physical Medicine48
Rehabilitation - Physical Medicine48