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…and Why An Emperor’s College DAOM?

A few reasons why our DAOM program is the gold-standard of DAOM programs:

  • Curriculum: The dual specialization in Internal & Physical Medicine supercharges your ability to expertly treat any patient who walks through your door.
  • Works with your schedule: Classes meet just one 4-day weekend per month – Thursday to Sunday – for two years (caveat: 4 weekends are 5 days each).
  • Use what you learn immediately: Our case-based teaching method consistently delivers knowledge and wisdom you can take back to your practice and begin using immediately.
  • Confidence Building: It happens across the curriculum. Grand Rounds ups the ante on your public speaking skills. It teaches you how to defend your clinical decisions. It perfects how you converse with other medical providers in integrative medicine settings.
  • Strong, supportive community: the connections you make and the support you get from the college start on day one and last the rest of your life.
  • Opportunities: no school offers you more. And they don’t end when your degree is conferred, we are starting a new set of initiates to provide our alum with unique opportunities that are sure to help you with your personal and professional growth, and to grow your business practice.
  • PersonalizedClinical training is personalized. You choose your mentors, you choose your specialization. Because your career is about you.
  • It all culminates in guided capstone research. Research that makes you an expert in your chosen niche.
  • Tradition. Emperor’s College is the oldest OM college in Southern California [1983] with a tradition of 28 years of pioneering excellence in OM;  at seven years,  its OM Doctoral Program is one of the oldest in the country.
  • Alumni. Emperor’s College DAOM graduates rank among the leaders of the OM profession.
  • Faculty. Its international faculty hails from throughout the Pacific Rim as well as the United States, and rank among OM and Western Medicine leaders – including UCLA, USC, and Cedars Sinai.
  • Location.  Situated in beautiful Santa Monica, an affluent and diverse seaside community.  More than 18,000 residents patronize Emperor’s Community Clinic annually, providing Doctoral fellows with a wealth of diverse acupuncture cases.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Our students and alumni are happy to share the reasons why they decided to get a doctorate degree and why they chose Emperor’s College over all other programs in the United States…

Brad Whisnan

Brad Whisnant (left), DAOM, LAc

Brad Whisnant, class of 2011

“People expect their acupuncturists to be doctors. In a competitive marketplace it’s important to separate yourself.  Getting your DAOM is just one way.” -Brad Whisnant, DAOM, LAc

In addition to running a tremendously successful practice in St. Helen’s Oregon, Pinpoint Acupuncture Clinic, Brad Whisnant, DAOM, LAc, dedicates his free time to his non-profit organization Acupuncture Volunteer. Through Acupuncture Volunteer, Whisnant travels internationally to provide medical care to underserved populations. In a recent trip to Vietnam, Dr. Whisnant treated over 150 patients per day as a solo clinician.

Mary Snyder

Mary Snyder, DAOM, LAc

Mary Snyder, class of 2009

“The DAOM title increased my stature in the eyes of not only the medical community but also with patients, both current and prospective. Most new patients who come to my practice have investigated a few other practitioners and have selected me because of my credentials.” -Mary Snyder, DAOM, LAc

Dr. Mary Snyder, DAOM, LAc, has been practicing acupuncture and Oriental medicine in Santa Barbara and Orange County since 2002. Along with managing two busy practices, Dr. Snyder is an adjunct professor at Cerritos Community College teaching medical terminology classes.

Brendan Armm

Brendan Armm, DAOM, LAc

Brendan Armm, class of 2008

“Being able to earn a specialty in an area of medicine was important to me. It has allowed me, as a doctor, to concentrate my practice on confidently and effectively treating patients who suffer from pain.” -Brendan Armm, DAOM, LAc

Brendan Armm, DAOM, LAc, was among the first fifty Oriental medicine practitioners in the United States to have completed a clinical doctorate in Oriental medicine. Being from a medical family, Dr. Armm’s interest in compassionate medicine began at an early age and continues to fuel his work in clinical medicine to this day. Dr. Armm is the founder and medical director of Lotus East-West Medical Center, a successful integrative medical clinic in Santa Monica, CA.

Thorunn Gudmundsdottir

Thorunn Gudmundsdottir, LAc

Thorunn Gudmundsdottir, class of 2015

“The clinical mentorship I received in the DAOM program has given me an extra boost of confidence.  It is an incredible feeling to walk into a treatment room with the experience and wisdom of my clinical mentors at my side.” -Thorunn Gudmundsdottir, LAc

Thorunn Gudmundsdottir, LAc, completed her master’s degree in acupuncture and Oriental medicine in California in 2002 before returning to her home country of Iceland where she maintained a private practice for eight years. While temporarily living in Los Angeles for her doctoral studies, she is relishing in the camaraderie and professional networking Emperor’s College provides.

Cherrie Laygo

Cherrie Laygo, DAOM

Cherrie Laygo, class of 2011

“While a master’s degree in Oriental medicine is sufficient to practice, pursuing a doctorate degree has enabled me to deepen my knowledge and become an even better practitioner.” -Cherrie Laygo, DAOM, LAc

Dr. Cherrie Laygo, DAOM, LAc, received her master’s degree in Oriental medicine in 2007 and began her doctorate degree in 2009. In her private practice she unites the best of Eastern and Western medicine, focusing on corrective and preventative care for a variety of conditions including musculoskeletal disorders, pain management, orthopedics, anxiety, digestive disorders and women’s health.

Asha Randall

Asha Randall, DAOM

Asha Randall, class of 2008

“I really appreciated that the doctoral program put an emphasis on networking and referrals. Building solid relationships with the allopathic world is key to integrative medicine thriving and the doctoral degree equipped me with the skills and knowledge to forge ahead.” -Asha Randall, DAOM, LAc

Dr. Asha Randall, DAOM, LAc, recognized the value of a doctorate in acupuncture and Oriental medicine early on and was amongst one of the first doctoral fellows at Emperor’s College. She is the founding director of Malibu Healing Center and is an avid attendee of medical conferences, including a recent symposium at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas that reaffirmed her optimism about the future of integrated Oriental medicine.

Priya Advani

Priya Advani, DAOM, LAc

Priya Advani, class of 2015

“I have met an incredible group of people whom I now consider my professional family. Nothing beats collaborating with like-minded acupuncturists who help each other grow, learn and expand.” -Priya Advani, DAOM, LAc

Priya Advani, DAOM, LAc, graduated with her master’s degree in Oriental medicine in 2007 and began her doctorate in acupuncture and Oriental medicine in 2013. She is a featured acupuncturist in Suzanne Somer’s book, Knockout: Interviews with Doctors Who are Curing Cancer, a regular contributor to Huffington Post Wellness, and maintains private practices in Santa Monica and Long Beach, CA

Geoff Thomas

Geoff Thomas, DAOM, LAc

Geoff Thomas, class of 2015

“Pursuing my DAOM degree has allowed me to integrate my 6 years of clinical experience with practical classroom knowledge. It’s very exciting to learn new acupuncture techniques and herbal applications that I can utilize in my office the next day.” -Geoff Thomas, DAOM, LAc

After earning his master’s degree in traditional Chinese medicine in 2007, Geoff Thomas, DAOM, LAc, completed post-graduate studies at Chengdu University Hospital in Chengdu, China. In early 2013, Geoff began the doctoral program at Emperor’s College while at the same time opening Tripoint Holistic Therapy where he serves as owner and founding medical director. Geoff sees 40-60 patients a week and attributes part of his success to the respect he has gained from his patients because he is pursuing his doctorate degree.

Basha Raman

Basha Raman, LAc

Basha Raman, class of 2015

“Although I’ve had a dynamic clinical practice in Oriental medicine for nearly two decades, I choose to pursue the DAOM program in order to fine tune my diagnostic skills and help form the new wave of innovation in Oriental Medicine.” -Raman Basha, LAc

Raman Basha, LAc, entered the field of Oriental medicine in 1992 and after nearly 20 years of successful clinical practice, numerous media appearances, and international speaking invitations, Basha conducted an extensive search of DAOM programs that suited his professional goals. He is a true believer that it is never too early or too late for an acupuncturist to begin their DAOM degree.

Gretchen Badami (left), DAOM, LAc

Gretchen Badami (left), DAOM, LAc

Gretchen Badami, class of 2014

“Before the DAOM program I did not have the confidence to market my own practice, much less promote our medicine to the greater public. I can now hold my own in interviews, speak confidently with other healthcare providers, and educate the world about acupuncture and Oriental medicine.” -Gretchen Badami, DAOM,LAc

Gretchen Badami, DAOM, LAc, entered the DAOM program immediately after earning her master’s degree in acupuncture and Oriental medicine in 2011.She feels she has benefited tremendously from the years of experience of her cohort members and has gained a valuable professional network.

Kara MoraMarco

Kara MoraMarco, DAOM, LAc

Kara MoraMarco, class of 2015

“Having my doctorate in acupuncture and Oriental medicine (DAOM) will put me in the one percent of licensed acupuncturists that have the title “Doctor”. As a new acupuncturist, setting myself apart is already proving to make a big difference!” -Kara MoraMarco, DAOM, LAc

Kara MoraMarco, DAOM, LAc, is a second generation acupuncturist and has always strived for greatness. As a teenager, Kara was a world-class figure skater training with many notable Olympic athletes. After completing her bachelor’s degree in exercise science, Kara immediately began her graduate studies in Oriental medicine at Emperor’s College and then transitioned straight into the doctorate of acupuncture and Oriental medicine program at Emperor’s.