The Student Council at Emperor’s College is a committee of elected students who aim to foster an optimal learning environment through endeavors in various facets of student life including academic, social, political and professional.

The Council is funded by a quarterly student association fee and elections are held annually. Students interested in contributing to the Emperor’s community are encouraged to become involved in Student Council. In return for their dedication and hard work, Student Council members receive discounted acupuncture treatments in Emperor’s Acupuncture Clinic.


Educational Support
Student Council and the administration co-sponsor free tutoring as well as Tutorials in various subjects. Tutorials are classes offered to students who desire to review and expand upon skills and information learned in the course of the study. Tutorial topics have included Needling and Point Location, Herbal Medicine, Meditation, Mid-Curriculum review and Comprehensive Exam review.


Lectures and Meetings
Lectures have been presented on such topics as healing modalities that complement Traditional Oriental Medicine, skill development for starting professional practice, and information regarding political and legislative activity impacting the profession.


Fostering Community
Student Council strives to encourage camaraderie among students both on and off campus. The Student Council hosts several events such as holiday parties, salsa dancing, movie nights, beach bonfires, surfing lessons, bowling and weekend camping trips. Student Council also organizes service projects for students to contribute to the well-being of the greater community through collaboration with groups such as Free Arts for Abused Children and local homeless services organizations.