Community Building
Emperor’s is dedicated to preserving its strong student community and offers an annual weekend retreat in the San Bernadino National Forest to further support the bond between students. A weekend full of team building activities, outdoor excitement and memories to last a lifetime in the mountains of southern California is a great way to get plugged in to the Emperor’s community, make new friends and recharge your soul. It is often a favorite experience in Emperor’s masters program. The Big Bear Retreat takes place every Fall quarter and is available as an elective class.


Academic Counseling
The Academic Dean and the Admissions department are always available to sit down with you to plan your course of study. Whether you have questions about your quarterly class schedule or want to devise a year-long plan there is someone who can help you. It is recommended that all students schedule an academic meeting with the Dean twice a year to ensure for satisfactory academic progress and proper course load.


Town Hall Meetings
Every quarter Emperor’s administration hosts a campus-wide Town Hall meeting to foster open lines of communication between the student body and administration. New clinical opportunities, scholarship information, newsworthy events and exciting happenings are often revealed at Town Hall meetings. They are also a great place for students to voice suggestions, concerns and success that could benefit the whole of the student body. Times and dates of Town Hall meetings are posted on campus.


Student Health

Emperor's College Acupuncture Clinic

Remaining physically and mentally healthy are crucial in a four year masters program. That is why clinical services and herbal medicine at Emperor’s College Acupuncture Clinic are at a reduced rate for students. Receiving weekly acupuncture not only keeps you healthy and stress free, but it is also a great way to watch your studies come to life and remain inspired by the wealth of knowledge seen in the clinical interns.

student health insurance

Students can also obtain individual and family health insurance plans at eStudentInsurance or
International students can purchase health insurance at


Work Study
Several on-campus part time jobs in the bookstore, acupuncture clinic and herbal dispensary are available to students while they are pursuing the degree. Working on campus is convenient, fun and a great way to learn valuable skills that will benefit your future clinical practice. Student employees typically work 10 – 15 hours a week, including Saturdays, and receive a bi monthly paycheck. If you are a current student and interested in on-campus employment please inquire at the Administration Front Desk.