Founder’s Message

Bong Dal Kim, OMD, LAc

“In the course of my meditation many years before the founding of Emperor’s College, I was presented with the Chinese characters for the numbers 8 and 3. Although mystified at the significance of these images to my life, I understood the propitious value of such symbols well. The I Ching was the first book to explain everything about human life and the universe and contains the root of all written knowledge.The numbers 8 and 3 represent the Bagua and the trigrams of the I Ching.

Founder Emperor's College

Dr. Bong Dal Kim, OMD, LAc

According to I Ching and the Yellow Emperor’s Classic, these numbers together symbolize the process of growth and change. Through them the myriad changes of the universe are illuminated, including birth, death and the phenomenon of disease. As healers, we should realize the meaning of universal change so we can be superior doctors.

When the Yellow Emperor explained all of the five elements and the organs, he said that the numbers for the liver and gallbladder were 8 and 3. The teachings said that one must balance the liver and gallbladder, but that all the other organs must be balanced first. Once the liver and gallbladder are totally balanced, one attains enlightenment and goes beyond 8 and 3.

Along with these images, I experienced an overwhelming joy that remained in my memory even though the message of this meditation remained a mystery. Infrequently, in varying ways and at odd times over the years, this strange and wonderful meditation recurred. During this time, I enjoyed a gratifying level of success as a practitioner of Oriental medicine and an ever-expanding sense of personal satisfaction. But the time came for me to re-direct my energies and take on a new challenge. After carefully considering my options, I founded Emperor’s College. Many friends came to me with ideas for a symbol that would embody the spirit of the college.

All were viable and much appreciated, but none seemed exactly right. With all the ideas firmly in mind, I meditated.

Emperors-ICON-black-boxAgain, I was presented with the numbers 8 and 3. I knew instantly and with deep satisfaction the promise of the meditation and what the logo of Emperor’s College had to be: a composition of the characters 8 and 3.

Through the rigor of academic inquiry and the discipline of self-realization, all those who choose to become a part of Emperor’s College may experience the subtle yet profound growth that is the impulse at the heart of its foundation, and through this they may be led toward their destiny. Students are encouraged to learn beyond the classroom, beyond the words, and to understand how deeply one can hear and how far one can see. Ultimately, the effectiveness of an Oriental medicine practitioner depends upon his or her ability to be a clear conduit through which energy can flow. Beyond wisdom and intellect, this requires an open heart. Students at Emperor’s College are encouraged to learn with their open heart.”