Acupuncture College At A Glance


Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine is one of the oldest and most respected acupuncture schools in the United States and has a long tradition of educating exceptional practitioners in the field.

  • The most comprehensive acupuncture and Oriental Medicine master’s degree program in the U.S.
  • More classroom and hands-on learning opportunities available to you than at any other acupuncture school in the U.S.
  • Widely recognized as having the finest faculty in the U.S. and among the top 5 in the world.
  • Very high student pass rate on the national board exams, regularly ranking among the top 3 schools in the country.
  • The top overall pass rate on the California Acupuncture Licensing Exam over the last three years.
  • Financial aid and scholarships available.
  • One of only nine acupuncture schools in the U.S. to also offer a fully accredited doctorate in acupuncture and Oriental medicine degree, the highest level degree in the AOM field.
  • Unparalleled support system, supportive student community and nurturing learning environment.

Comprehensive Master’s Program

Emperor’s College offers an exceptional, well-rounded master’s program curriculum. Our program includes training in Oriental medicine, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and Western sciences. The required curriculum, together with electives, positions graduates to be the most capable practitioners and supports academic growth with personal cultivation. Graduating from the MTOM program makes students eligible to take the California state licensing exam and the National licensing exam.

Exceptional Clinical Training

imgAt our renowned Acupuncture Clinic, interns provide over 15,000 treatments per year. Interns learn to treat a wide range of conditions, and in a diverse patient population.

Through our partnerships with the Venice Family Clinic, the Saban Community Clinic, and the Roy and Patricia Disney Family Cancer Center, students have the opportunity to work in Western medical settings as well. These clinic opportunities provide unmatched hands-on experience that will prepare our students for success in the profession.

Top Acupuncture College

Emperor’s College is widely regarded as the best acupuncture college in California and one of the top acupuncture schools in the country.

Top Pass Rates on CALE and National Licensing Exams

Emperor’s College consistently holds one of the top passing rates on the California Acupuncture Licensing Examination (CALE). Passing the CALE allows our graduates to serve as primary care providers in California. The Emperor’s College’s composite CALE score over the last three years is the highest of any acupuncture college that sends more than three graduates to the test. In 2017, 100% of our grads that took the CALE for the first time passed, an unprecedented achievement. We continuously strive for higher levels of excellence in our commitment to ensuring our graduates’ success. 


Doctorate Degree (DAOM)

Emperor’s College is one of the few colleges approved by the accreditation body to offer a DAOM program for licensed acupuncturists. The DAOM degree is the highest attainable degree in the field.

Community Spirit

We are committed to creating a caring, supportive environment that promotes physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of all of our community members. 

Commitment to Community Outreach

No acupuncture college in the United States is more committed to their community than Emperor’s College. Every year the college, its students and alumni provide services at numerous community events from large to small. The college is actively involved with the veteran’s community treating hundreds of undeserved vets, including the Los Angeles Veteran and Family’s Stand Downs, the largest events of their kind in the country. Among the numerous other events the college has provided services at over the years includes the 2015 Special Olympics Summer World Games, the largest sporting event in the world that year.

Distinguished Alumni

Emperor’s College has over 1,000 alumni around the world who successfully practice Oriental medicine, serve as faculty and academic leaders of several other colleges, and work as pioneering leaders in the field.  We are proud of our alumni who exemplify excellence in scholarship, clinical care, teaching, and leadership.